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Let’s say your intern has to create a social media post every work day...

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Receive Email Inquiry

Assign to next available
sales team member

Set customer state
as "Lead" in CRM

no response in 3 days
set lead state as cold
and set task to send
follow up email

Set lead to hot if
they do respond
and set task to send

set task to send follow up
email in 30 days

send task to close client

send client to cold lead
and send task to follow up in 1 week

client won then send to "Won" state and if lost send to "Lost" Bucket

content marketing

Idea submitted
and is held in "Idea Vault" project

Idea chosen to begin writing and automatically assigned to one of our two Content Rockstars to write

Deadline set for 2 days
Sent to "Content
in progress" project

Send to our designer to create images an set deadline for 2 days

sent reminder email
and change priority status
to very high

send reminder email and change priority status to very high

finish images,
send to editor and set deadline for 1 day

send to "Finished and published content - Vault" project

send reminder email
and set high priority

bug tracking

Bug task submitted

Sent to junior dev

Set deadline
for 12 hours

sent to lead dev
for review

send reminder
and adjust deadline

send reminder or send back
to junior dev for further

send to tester

create task to send to production
and send to production workflow

send back to lead dev

Holy hell!

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