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It lets me take back control of my team communications

With DynaDo you can easily convert emails into tasks and assign them to anyone with just one click. No more switching between email and task management platforms or losing emails. Just click "Create New Task".

Helps my company stop missing out on sales

DynaDo will automatically convert emails sent to your company’s sales team into tasksand immediately assign them to the correct people. Never lose a sale again!

Organizes all company documents in one place

DynaDo’s Cloud Storage Engine makes searching for files and documents from email attachments, tasks, project communications, and even one-on-one chats effortless. With one master search tool you can quickly search for any attachment without the aggravation of sifting through multiple interfaces.

Lets me easily add coworkers to email chains
or discuss email content withoutzgging up my inbox.

DynaDo lets you share email threads with coworkers and employees without endless email forwarding. You can quickly and efficiently discuss the email and send the right message the first time, everytime.

Lets me send tasks instead of emails
to clients and others outside of my company

DynaDo lets you send tasks instead of emails to people you work with outside of your company. You can also set another task to automatically follow up on that first task. You’ll always be notified if you don’t receive a response by your set deadline, finally automating your outreach workflow.

Gets rid of my clutter by integrating
all communication software into one stream.

DynaDo synthesizes employee communication. The old way forces you to switch between communication software like Outlook, Lync, Slack and your task management software. The DynaDo way allows you to search all of your communication and task streams in one, simple interface. Be it a task, chat, file, or email, everything is stored for you in DynaDo.

your business tools
work better together.

just like your team.


  • Seamless Integration

    DynaDo syncs email seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, and many other providers while also syncing Gmail contacts and calendars. Let DynaDo host your email or connect existing email accounts.

  • Folder and Mailbox Sharing

    Collaborate entire email folders with your teams through DynaDo shared folders and shared emails. You can also add in any important comments or instructions to the file directly.

  • Convert Emails Into Tasks

    DynaDo uses one platform to turn emails into tasks quickly, so you can delegate better and focus your energy on what really matters.

Task Management

  • Easy Task Creator

    Creating a task in DynaDo is as easy as sending an email! DynaDo streamlines the tasking process so you can have a more productive business without losing time toggling between software.

  • Task Anybody

    DynaDo lets you send tasks to any email address; they are not required to have a DynaDo account! So you can easily keep track of tasks from clients, freelancers and investors.

  • Task Privacy Engine

    Only managers and those granted access can see their tasks and projects. You don't have to worry about all employees seeing sensitive tasks.


  • Drag 'n' Drop File Transfer

    Easily drag ‘n’ drop your files from your desktop into the DynaDo cloud, into a task or project stream, or directly into a discussion with someone.

  • Docked in your Browser

    We’ve automatically docked our chat box on the right side of your browser for immediate and convenient access.

  • Using Chat For Support

    At DynaDo we use our own chat box to talk to you, our customers, so we’re never more than a click and a message away. Send us a message, and we’ll try our best to respond within the hour.

Group discussion

  • Easily Create Group Chats

    Easily create group discussions within projects, so you can communicate and collaborate with everyone working on the project.

  • Searchable Chat Threads

    Save time finding any specific piece of info you need by using your inbox feed to easily search group discussions.


  • Drag 'n' Drop File Transfer

    Consolidate all materials for projects by dragging any file from your desktop into DynaDo’s cloud.

  • Searchable File Storage

    We’ve made one master search tool the home for all of your emails, tasks, discussions, etc. Quickly search for any attachment, sent and received, without the aggravation of sifting through multiple interfaces.

  • Task File Attachment Option

    DynaDo sorts your files and folders by specific tasks so that everything you need is in the right place. By automatically grouping related materials, we’ve made simplicity smarter.


  • Automated Customer Service

    DynaDo converts all incoming support or sales enquiries into tasks and sets a deadline. This makes sure someone is always responsible, nothing is ever forgotten, and there are no missed sales!

  • Automagical CRM

    Our built-in CRM automatically collects all communications with customers - be it via email, tasks, forums or our chat box, so there is no need to manually update it!

Oversight and reporting

  • Time & Cost Tracking

    DynaDo provides you with employee time-logging and hourly rate features to maintain the clarity of each project’s budget. And with DynaDo’s live profit estimator, you’ll never lose sight of projected profits again.

  • Multi-Company Oversight

    In DynaDo you can set up unique environments for each of your businesses. Your dashboard will notify you about the issues and successes of each of these businesses, which lets you retain oversight from just one account.

  • Activity Reporting

    Easily see who is working on what, how long it is taking, and if your project is over or under budget. Browse through monthly summaries of project and employee costs to maintain your business’s profit goals.


  • Auto-Repeat Events

    Set up recurring events and tasks one time and let DynaDo remind you when they come around again. Calendar planning made simple and easy.

  • Calendar Sync 'n' Share

    Share your calendar with those who rely on you. DynaDo’s Calendar Sync ’n’ Share keeps harmony through the bustle of a business day by perfectly syncing your team’s business diaries.

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